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Customer case sharing

publisher: Vivian
Time: 2019-04-16
Summary: Customer case sharing

Customer case sharing

Two years ago from Andres, Mexico, I received a letter from him: My name is Andres, from Mexico's capital: Mexico City. We have heard that China is a factory in the world, making some beautiful, quality and affordable watches. This is very suitable for Mexico. I am a founder and want to buy 100 watches. The price I want is about 3 dollars.


  As a newbie at the time, my reply was:

  Dear Andres, Im very happy to hear from you. Our most affordable product is YH006A, unit price is $4.50. The following is a picture of our products, please see if you are satisfied.


 On the weekend after 2 months, when I looked through the mailbox, I saw my reply. Because I was in a relaxed mood, I began to think about why he didnt reply me. The 3 possibilities that were summarized:

#1. He happened to run into something, and he forgot to reply.

#2. He bought watches for unit price 3 dollars.

#3. He wrote to 100 people and chose the one who was most satisfied with the cooperation.


The first point is to make up the amount. At that time, I would not find a problem on others. Second, according to his request, although it is 3 dollars, the product bought is not the product he wants. Then the third point is the most likely, I have to find a way to become the best of 100 people, even the best one. To increase the probability of our cooperation, this is my second reply:

Dear Andres, my distant friend. Im Vivian from Shenzhen, China. I read the letter again. Recently, our company launched a (YH102A), which is completely in line with the watch you have previously looked for, and comes with a beautiful gift box. The price is 4.2 dollars dollars, which is very popular among European and American customers. Hope you also like it.

Looking forward to your reply to Vivian in Shenzhen.


As a result, everyone can guess, the following is his reply:

Dear Vivian,

This is indeed a product I like, can you tell me the details of the cooperation model? I am very interested in working with you. Our company can't let you down.

Then we started the first cooperation.

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